“3D in the Redwoods” archery shoot today at Kings Mountain! 🏹

A great morning & afternoon with great friends! Perfect weather for it too. Got kind of a lousy score (still took 2nd in my division 🤷🏼‍♀️), but we were just out for fun anyway.

I finally have an (overdue!) new string installed on my bow, but I still need to re-sight-in my pins. So, today was a lot of making a wild guess for the first shot, and then trying to adjust from there. 😆 Saw some cool critters on the range as well! A1EDDF2F-4B4A-4DB9-98CB-E65A38B397D2.jpg EF90A0F4-FA5E-47FC-8A3C-FF5D75F9FC05.jpg DE76B282-D55F-4DC5-B200-3459ABE0A7AF.jpg BF91F0DD-8699-4FBD-A969-C4EA30A2AE98.jpg D460FEB8-36EC-4ECB-A2E3-DE1F5BB9837A.jpg C915AEE9-386A-41E2-A13C-FF7099C7CE8B.jpg